Diane Dunn

Diane Dunn is a Senior Research Specialist and supervises our clinical genetic testing lab. A native New Yorker, Diane began her career at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory headed by famed DNA pioneer, Jim Watson. In 1982, she moved west to join Ray Gesteland’s lab at the University of Utah. As an original staff member in the Department of Human Genetics, she has co-authored over 70 peer-reviewed publications involving genetics, genomes, and human disease genes. Diane loves being in the lab and helping fellow lab mates, but when not sequencing DNA at the bench, she can be found in her garden surrounded by flowers, vegetables, and the occasional cat.

Brett O Duval

Brett is originally from New Town North Dakota where he graduated from high school before moving on to North Dakota State University in Fargo to get his BS in molecular biology. In 1991, he moved to Salt Lake City to work at the University of Utah on the Human Genome Project. Upon its completion, He worked on more specific disease gene research. In 1998, Brett married Brenda Alcorn and has remained in a state of semi-perpetual marital bliss ever since. In 2001, he had twins, Nick and Tory, who are now students at the U of Utah. They enjoy many of the outdoor, cultural, and sporting opportunities that exist in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.

Carina Imburgia

Carina Imburgia is a lab specialist for the group, working on a study of the prevalence of Myotonic Dystrophy. Carina received a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Utah, and is currently working towards a graduate degree in computer science. She enjoys integrating programming into research when possible and hopes to continue to merge the two fields in school and beyond. To curb a sedentary professional life, Carina enjoys riding her bike, skiing, and hiking.

Katie Mayne

Katie Mayne has been a lab specialist with the UPIN group for over 5 years, working on numerous projects throughout that time. She received her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Utah and has been in research ever since. Prior to joining UPIN she was with the Moran Eye Center researching novel genes and pathways behind Age-Related Macular Degeneration but has also taken part in pharmaceutical cancer research and protein mutagenesis and x-ray crystallography work. When not in the lab, she enjoys running, camping, cooking, and spending time with her husband, kids, and dog.

Brith Otterud

Brith Otterud, is a bioinformatics data analyst with the UPIN group. The great beauty of the Wasatch mountains and the love of skiing made her move from her native country Sweden, 30 years ago. Before joining UPIN/Pediatric Neurology four years ago, Brith worked in the Department of Human Genetics with Dr. Mark Leppert for over 20 years and they worked on more than 40 disease projects together. In her free time, Brith enjoys exploring the outdoors, cycling and spending time with her family and friends.

Manshu Tang, Ph.D.

Manshu Tang’s research interests focuses on understanding pathophysiological mechanisms of rare diseases through studying animal models constructed with CRISPR technique, and developing novel therapeutics through structure directed lead compound optimization and molecular simulation. He also enjoys great outdoor activities available around Salt Lake City, such as skiing, hiking and fishing.