Thank you for making the 2021 UPIN Family Day at the Zoo a huge success! 

We hope that you had fun ~monkeying~ around with the animals for the day, and were able to spend quality time reconnecting with other patients and families in the neuromuscular community.

Please stay connected with us as we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

 – The UPIN Team


Dr. Melissa Dixon and Dr. Russell Butterfield gave a wonderful presentation during the Opening Ceremony on what UPIN has been up to during the COVID years, research updates that we are looking forward to in the future, the basics of gene therapy, and how this novel form of treatment will continue to make an impact in the neuromuscular community. 


Following the Opening Ceremony, we had our very own private giraffe feeding, meet and greet with several small animal ambassadors, a chance to socialize with our UPIN team and event Sponsors at the Oasis Cafe, and plenty of time to explore all of the fun that the Zoo has to offer! Below are the slides used during the Opening Ceremony and several images from throughout our fun-filled day. 


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  1. Thank you so much for everything you guys do! I’ve really enjoyed these activities every year you’ve had them. We are sorry to say we missed this year’s activity at the zoo, Damien injured his back and is unable to travel at all. We hope to be healed up enough to see all of you in clinic in September.
    We are also hoping to attend any other activities or get-togethers that happen in arnor muscular community.

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